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G-Land Joyos Surf Camp Indonesia


Plengkung, East Java, Indonesia

Surf Camp Indonesia G-Land Joyos
Surf Camp Indonesia G-Land Joyos is a magical place and one of the surfing world’s most increadible surfing destinations. For many surfers, its been a very special surfing site of primitive beauty and perfect waves. Secluded situated at Plengkung on the Southern tip of peninsula of Java is the legendary Grajagan. This remote little camp on the edge of Plengkung jungle conveniently situated in Banyuwangi, Eastern Java Province has earned a big reputation among nomadic surfers all over the world. Like primitive magical sound of its name, the mentions of Grajagan is an Indonesia incatation that causes surfers everywhere gaze longingly at the horizon.
The long lines are unmistakable perfect and the discovery that followed is now regarded as arguably the World’s best left-Hander ever. Known for its consistent off-shore trade winds during the sessions. Surf Camp Indonesia G-Land Joyos is a Mecca for travelling surfers and the global pilgrimage to Surf Camp Indonesia G-Land Joyos occurs all year around as surfers travel to Java to sample G-Land jewels. From March to November, the Indian Ocean generates strong swell is constant and flat swell is extremely rare which makes Surf Camp Indonesia G-Land Joyos one of the worlds most consistent breaks. Out of seven main breaks in Surf Camp Indonesia G-Land Joyos, only become extremely outstanding sections if you’re looking for superb and challenging waves: Kong, Moneytrees, and Speedies. Either way, beginners can also have chance to surf and practice at the lower in Surf Camp Indonesia G-Land Joyos.

Waves of G-Land Joyos Surf Camp Indonesia
There are 4 main sections of the break, depending on the tide and swell. Kong’s the outside reef is surfable at low tide up to the limits of your courage and its great for carving big turns and always provides waves even small days. Moneytrees, is often the prime take off point along the reef, from the Moneytrees section the waves lifts to a fast down the line inside peak leaked called Launching Pads. The final section of this increadible wave is known as speedies and works on bigger swells that pitch thick and square, before funneling intensely for as long as 300 meters over the reef. The waves at G-Land are suitable for most competent surfer. Big gaping barrels, long perfect walls reeling down this endless point allowing surfers to Carve huge turns on the face and ride some of the deepest and longest barrels of their life. At high tide the waves are easy to surf and break in deeper water, at lower tide the waves really start barrel, zodiac transfer service is available to take you out to the break mid to high tide, during low tide simply walk across the reef to paddle out.

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