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Packing Tips

G-Land Joyos Surf Camp Indonesia

Packing Tips For G-land

1.Boards – G-land typically chews through boards like they are going out of fashion, and spare boards are a scarce commodity around the surf camps, so it’s best to bring your own.
The norm among G-land veterans is to bring 3 boards – a normal shortboard for those 3-4ft smaller days, something a little bigger so you’ve got some speed when it’s 4-6ft, and if you plan to tackle G-land once it gets a serious 6ft + (which is often), bring a semi gun.
As an example, an average 6 foot male sure may a standard sized 6’1 or similar shortboard (or fish) for the smaller days, a 6’4 for those medium/large days and a 6’8 pin tail or similar for when things get serious.
If you’re a beginner and you plan to surf the mellow, nearby waves, bringing one board should be enough – however check with your surf camp before going because they sometimes will provide learner boards (at an extra cost).

2.Reef Booties – Booties are not 100% necessary but they will make life easier at G-land. During low tide you will have a long walk across an unforgiving and sharp reef, and sometimes when you fall, planting your feet on the reef while you’re getting thrashed is necessary.
Bring a pair of low cut, thin booties and you’ll avoid getting an infected reef cut on your feet, which could end your trip in an extreme case.

3.Sun protection – apart from the essential sun cream and zinc, it’s a wise choice to bring along a wide brimmed surf hat and surf-sun glasses (for the afternoon glare).6 hour sessions are not uncommon when it’s on, and a little sun protection could be the difference between coming in early due to sunstroke, or staying out an extra hour and scoring the wave of the day.

4.Medical – Bring a basic medical kit with all of the Indonesian medical staples; antiseptic cream, bandages, tweezers and some painkillers. If you like to come prepared, check out this medical packing list from the surf doctors.

5.Neoprene – a spring suit or wetsuit top?! As mentioned earlier, cold currents are common around July/August and sometimes later in the season, so if you don’t fair too well in the cold bring some warmth.

6.Travel Insurance

Mosquitoes & Malaria In G-land
G-land is not like Lombok, the Mentawai islands or Sumbawa where the threat or malaria is high and constant. During extended periods of rain the mosquitoes do get bad but in the dry season this is quite rare.

This does not mean that there is no way you can get it, so take some anti-malarial tablets with you just in case, and load up on insect repellant.

Apart from your board-shorts, singlets, thongs etc, pack a light long sleeve shirt and pants to protect you against mosquitoes attacks at dawn and dusk.